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  1. According to the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission, the journal provides a priority for postgraduate and doctoral works, the publication period depends on the expected date of defense, which the authors should indicate in the primary documents attached to the manuscript.
  2. Each issue of the journal is formed by a separate responsible editor, appointed by the Chief Editor and / or the Editorial Board. The duties of the responsible editor include selection the high-quality articles for publication, while he can be guided by both thematic principles and a separate scientific direction.
  3. All selected articles come to work to the scientific editor and corrector. After creating the article layout and editing it, the prototyped article will be available to the author via the site. At this stage, one can send comments on the text of the article. The author is obliged to send his consent to the publication or his remarks in the prescribed time specified in the cover letter.

Author fees

Publication in journal is free of charge for all the authors.

Content Licensing policy

All the articles of the Journal are Open Access articles distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited (CC BY 4.0).

Copyright and Permissions

Free recall of the Journal’s material is allowed for personal purposes. Free use is permitted for informational, academic, educational and cultural purposes in compliance of paragraphs 1273 and 1274 of chapter 70, part IV (Russian Federation Civil Codex). Other types of use are possible only after making agreements in writing with copyright holder. At citing the reference to the Journal is obligatory. The reproduction of materials in printed, electronic or other editions without the Editorial Board permission, is forbidden. The materials published in the Journal are for non-commercial use only.

Copyright and Publishing Policy

The editors do not consider manuscripts that are simultaneously submitted for publication in other journals, as well as works that for the most part have already been published as an article or have become a part of other work submitted or accepted for publication by some other print publication or electronic media. The editors reserve the right to shorten and edit the manuscript materials, conduct scientific editing, change the design of graphs, drawings and tables to bring it in line with the design of the journal, without changing the meaning of the information provided.

The author guarantees that he has exclusive rights to use the material sent to the Editorial Board. In case of violation of this guarantee and in connection with this claim to the Editorial Board or the Publishing House, the author shall independently and at his own expense undertake to settle all claims. The Editorial Board and the Publishing House do not bear responsibility to third parties for violation of author guarantees. The author reserves the right to use the published material, its fragments and parts in personal, including scientific and teaching purposes.

The author transmits the above rights to the Editorial Board and the Publishing House, without limitation of their validity, on the territory of all countries of the world without restriction, including the territory of the Russian Federation. The rights to the manuscript are considered to be transferred by the author to the Editorial Board and the Publishing House from the moment of acceptance into the printing.

Reprinting of materials published in the journal by other physical and legal persons is possible only with the written permission of the Editorial Board and the Publishing House, with obligatory indication of the name of the journal, issue and year of publication.

The Editorial Board is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the author.

Readers can, if necessary, send their comments, questions or critical remarks to published articles that will be published in the journal. If desired, the authors of the articles can respond to comments. The receipt of the article to the Editorial Board confirms the author's complete agreement with the rules of the journal. The sent manuscripts that are refused in publication are not returned.